Music to Me

A place, an escape.

music post 3.jpeg

Music is a place. In my head. Far in my head, actually everywhere among my head is music. The beat of the music just repeats. boom, boom, boom. Beat by beat. Slow and calm. Kind of like it’s meant to be. It’s not a loud boom. It’s more like a soft, boom. Following the boom is a click. Click, Click, Click. They mix together and form some kind of rhythm. Boom, Click, Boom, Click. Then the words. The words fall into place starting as a stream and flowing down creating a river of plain words. Words coming straight from the heart. The river turns into a lake and meets trillions of words. Just words. Alot of words. Each word with a meaning. It’s real. It’s music. The music gives me some sort of Enthusiasm, power. It gives me a sense of determination to keep going and try harder because the music, keeps going. The beat never stops. Boom, Boom, Boom. And neither do I.



Okay so this piece might not make sense and I’m not really sure what it is, but basically I’m writing about what music is to me. Music is a getaway for me, just like writing. They both have something in common. It’s the words, the merge together and they both create stories that I can imagine and be a part of in my head. I love music and it might just be the best thing in the world for me. I just felt like expressing the way it effects me <3.

Saibaa 💕


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