You’re shipwrecked

I’m shipwrecked almost all the time.

What is being shipwrecked? You decide.

For me being shipwrecked is being confused or alone.

I feel alone a lot of the time. It’s not that I’m lonely.. I’m considered ‘popular’. A lot of the time being popular is portrayed in being mean or rich. Trust me though I have an average family and I am not mean. I’ve only ever been ‘mean’ to my siblings but we know what ‘mean’ means to them. Being popular doesn’t mean that I have a ton of friends. They’re more like a billion acquaintances. People who I know. Since I’ve come to this new school, I found myself a so called squad and have found myself to become part of the inner squad. Apparently the inner popular people circle. It’s annoying. That’s where being shipwrecked comes in. I have a crew but I’m in a ship in the middle of absolutely no where. My friends aren’t really friends. They are kind of people who I just hang out with. If I give them too much information my whole social life can go down the drain. But don’t get me wrong. Not everyone I know is like that. I do have friends. Amazing friends. But no best friends. I did in my own school. I miss them. They were people I could pour my heart out to. LITERALLY.

Shipwrecked. Alone but not alone… and confused.


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