Fortunate for Fashion

Okay so this post is bringing out another side of me. More like a tiny section of me. Fashion. Let’s begin with saying, I am in no way a fashion expert. But, I do have experience and the interest.

We all look in our wardrobes and dressers and the first thing that comes to mind is ‘I have nothing to wear’.  I’ve been there. But look at this situation from a different angle, we kind of do.

In reality though, we really are lucky. We do have clothes. They might be ugly and old but we do have them. Some people don’t. We are fortunate to have clothes.


All you really need to have a nice outfit are a nice T shirt, a pair of jeans a cute necklace chain and some nice fake vans. Easy outfit with things you already have. If you don’t have them all you have to do is look at the necessities of a closet.

Here we go..

1 plain dress

1 pair of running shoes

1 pair of good looking shoes

3 cute t shirts

1 jacket

1 sweatshirt (optional)

1 jean

2 leggings

2 tights

and lastly Accessories.

Accessorizing is key.

I probably missed somethings on that list but my point is  keep it to a minimum. Before you go ahead and my pieces of clothing, know what you can wear them with. That’s all it really takes.

Find your Fashion, your Fortune.


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