Oh my god. Some things just take up our minds so much. They just don’t get away. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to just sit back and relax. Learning how to take a break is SERIOUSLY necessary!

Okay well the first thing which I personally love is taking a nice warm shower. Wash all your thoughts away. Let it all go. You do not need the stress right now. Next, to make your shower perfect, light up a couple of nice scented candles. I feel nice smells just relax the brain. If you’re not a shower fan go ahead and take a bath. I stay away from baths, again just my personal preference.

Apart from showers, giving yourself a girly makeover can be really fun! Bring out the face masks and nailpolishes. I recommend keeping yourself warm and cozy and don’t bother getting yourself tired.

When it comes to food, treat yourself! It’s okay to have an unhealthy snack once or twice… or all the time. Order take out if you want but remember don’t be too unhealthy because too much junk will lead to your head feeling like a 1 million pound elephant. Seriously.

WARM DRINKS! I don’t want to repeat myself too many times but remember stay away from junk…like coke.

Definitely watch a movie. Okay.. I love netflix. This differs with different people but I love to relax with my netflix. If you aren’t a netflix fan. Go back to the basics. Read a book. Reading is a great mind clearer and it’s probably one of the best ways to relax. Listening to music is also an all time favourite of mine and may just beat netflix. Whether it’s rock music, pop or classical, music puts me into my own world and I love it! I can create my own movies in my head and thats definitely my favourite pass time.

But let’s get real. The best way to relax is to have a nice, cozy, warm nap. Sleeping is key, whether you’re 2 or 102 sleeping is key.

Sleep. It works.



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